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 May 2008: Concept done!

 June 2008: Going Online!

 June 2008: Products are ready for launch!

 June 2008: Contact Information posted!

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About the company www.neverhangup.com

www.neverhangup.com was founded by Tony Vo and Stepan Svihla in early 2008.
Tony and Stepan bring nearly 20 years of experience in Telecom and IT sector with them and have a wide variety of satisfied customers on their "check list".

Why do we call this "www.neverhangup.com"? Because we believe that once you started using our products and services, you will want to "never hangup" again! Why? Because our service is really cost effective for cost sensitive customers and also brings all required and desired features to you.

We will publish here the phone numbers of our offices soon!

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