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 May 2008: Concept done!

 June 2008: Going Online!

 June 2008: Products are ready for launch!

 June 2008: Contact Information posted!

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Details about our products and services

We are offering solutions the can be divided into four fields. These four fields are consultancy, setup services, products (hard- and software) and managed services.
By covering these four fields we are able to satisfy all needs and requirements by our customers. A custom-tailored solutions can be comprised of one ore more sub solutions that can be found on this page.
Our philosophy is to come as close as possible to the real need of our customer.

We work out a plan that represents the structure and manifoldness of your business in your telecommunications and IT infrastructure. You should not change processes and structures in your company to fit into the communication structures, you should define the way your business is communicating internally and with partners and customers.

Setup services...
We will create dial plans for you with national and/or international access numbers as well as service numbers (both 0800 and 0900). That can include different "applications" such as conference bridges and mailbox, call-in, call-through and call-back systems.

Products (software+hardware)...
We will ship you a pre configured PBX. This PBX can work with traditional telephones as well as with state of the art "Voice over IP" hardware. You have the choice if you get a "of the shelf" box or a customized solution.

Managed services and operation...
Our most popular and sophisticated service that we are currently offering. It can start with a simple "mailbox service" where we maintain a number (possibly in a foreign country) and that plays a prompt that has been sent by you and all messages left by callers are being sent to you via email. A more sophisticated version can be a so called mobile virtual office, where you can define based on you business structure, where and when customers should reach a certain prompt somebody special or just a mailbox.

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