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 May 2008: Concept done!

 June 2008: Going Online!

 June 2008: Products are ready for launch!

 June 2008: Contact Information posted!

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Thank you for visiting our new website. We are happy to welcome you.

www.neverhanup.com is your partner for telecom products and services in the United States of America and Europe. We are offering both from the shelf products for the SOHO market as well custom-tailored solutions for individual needs and requirements such as the ones coming from the Enterprise market.

Please visit the "About us" and "Products" pages to see our latest offerings and offers.

www.neverhangup.com is offering you local and or global solutions for voice, video, data, fax and messaging services. These services can be provided as consultancy, hardware products, software, managed service or any combination of all.

We are starting our work where all providers of telecom solutions either stop offering solutions or they start to be greedy, because you as a customer don't fit into their scheme of typical customers.
We are not looking for "bog-standard" customers to sell them pre-canned "run-of-the-mill" products! We will not limit you with rigid restrictions caused by "products for everybody". We are listening to the needs and expectations of everybody. And we understand that your demands are unique.

We will be happy to present you our solution.
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